Graduate studies in Music?

<p>Hey all,</p>

<p>I'm interested in hearing some feedback about the Graduate programs in music at Wesleyan. I've been intrigued by the focus on world music and non-western musical traditions and I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences with it or knows of anyone with experience with the programs at Wesleyan.</p>

<p>I'm also wondering how selective the graduate program in music is. My background: Rutgers grad, 3.6 GPA, Music major (studied voice), received a couple of scholarship awards while at Rutgers, Dean's List a number of times, was quite active in performance while at Rutgers and also outside of school (I've performed in musical theater, sang for a number of bands, have some recording experience, studied voice privately with other teachers outside of Rutgers as well. I also play several instruments.) I'm an older student if that makes any difference. </p>

<p>Any feedback or insights would be great.</p>

<p>The graduate program in music at Wesleyan is well-known and respected in academic music circles. They offer the MA in Ethnomusicology and Composition, and the Ph.D in Ethnomusicology. They have no graduate program in performance, though some grad students probably do some performing.</p>

<p>For admission they're likely to want GRE scores and writing samples in addition to grades. You should check out the Music Department website for a whole of information. I can't imagine that an older student would be at a disadvantage.</p>

<p>yes, there are quite a few older students in our grad programs at wesleyan. I'd say it might even be a majority of the students who did not come straight out of undergrad. Wesleyan offers stipends for both PhD and MA students. If you expect to study world-music (ethnomusicology) here, be prepared to really engage with the intellectual millieu of ethnomusicological study. In ethno, it is not just that you examine world music. You also have to be prepared to inquire into your subjects with anthropological tools (as well as ones more familiar to western art music). Grad students have mandatory TA duties (i think), and are also expected to partake in performance.</p>