Graduated! What to DO NEXT

<p>Hey ! I have just finished electrical and electronics engineering, and while I have decent grades and all that, I am not terribly enthusiastic about any particular topic in it...AND i'm absolutely lousy in practicals (hardware esp...)!!! I also hate being responsible for other ppl's work and am not too good in interpersonal skills (am more of a recluse, so MBA is not an option!!).... any suggestions for what I can do next ??? </p>

<p>Not that it helps at this stage, but I like painting and am a very visual person.</p>

<p>Ps :- Its not that I hate practicals, but I am extremely uncoordinated AND forgetful, and even if I think I am concentrating hard enough, I tend to miss things ( circuits Lab was a Nightmare !!!! None of my circuits worked!!!! ).... any suggestions to improve my Lab skills (or ways to improve "spacyness" in general) will also be welcome !!!!</p>

<p>Ps :- I DO NOT do drugs, smoke, drink or even stay up late nights!! Also, I don't take coffee or tea or any other stimulants!! I wish I could figure out why I am like this !!</p>

<p>Try to be an investment banker.</p>

<p>Get married.</p>

<p>Unless you're wondering if another woman is really what you need...</p>

<p>What do you WANT to do that would make you happy?
I graduated from an electrical and computer engineering department too (circuits lab and all), and was faced with the same questions.
Is there a place for you in electrical engineering (w/out doing hardware)?</p>

<p>It really comes down to what you want. If you aren't happy with ALL of electrical engineering, then STOP! Because beware: you could end up in a lab somewhere unhappy, waiting to get out of work to paint, or improve your social skills. There is also a reality to finding a job.....ya know? Life is a great balancing act....reality (making money) with passion (art) in some case.</p>

<p>I don't think you take yourself too seriously, which is good, but I can't figure out why exactly you would post on these forums under that condition. For instance, if you want to improve your spaceyness, then be less spacey. You can make that choice. Take better notes, search for deeper understanding and not 'gloss over' anything, etc etc.... If you are in engineering, you probably know what the correction would be, or can observe others who are less spacey.</p>

<p>You can increase your interpersonal skills with practice. Start with small things, and over a long period of time with incremental progress, you will see results :D</p>