Graduating early?

<p>So I have decided to graduate high school 1 year early I'm a sophomore now so next year will be my senior what I'd like to know is taking into consideration my courses and ecs how will graduating early affect my chances at college? I am interested in dartmouth but I know it's a long shot. I also like USC calstate long beach and Columbia. I have more research to do as far as schools go. Here's my course load
Honors biology
Honors chemistry
Honors English
Art 2
Journalism 1
Algebra 2 honors
Ap us history
Honors sophomore lit
Ap European history
Ap studio art
French 3
Community college
Marine biology
English 1a
Junior/senior year
Ap gov/Econ
Ap lang
Ap calculus ab
Ap phsychology
Ap studio art
Free period which I'll use to take French 4 at community college
President and founder of French club last year
This year vp
Interact club
Model UN club
Marine bio club
Club beach volleyball
Teaching elementary school kids art
Beach clean up
Volunteer at visitors center
Local playhouse volunteer
Model UN commitees
Winner of voices of democracy last year
Winner in local teen art festival
Winner in county fair art and writing competitions
Work experience
Several hours on set of different movies and tv shows
Will graduating early hurt me? Thanks!</p>

<p>Oh and my gpa last year was 4.0 unweighted this year its 4.5 weighted</p>



<p>You won’t have as much time to develop your resume. In most cases I don’t think there’s a good reason to graduate early. </p>

<p>(I like to mention this whenever someone talks about graduating early…does your state have a dual-enrollment program where you can take college classes for free if you’re a high school student? I’m a high school senior and I’ve been a full-time university student this year, but I haven’t had to pay for it.)</p>

<p>I’m not sure I live in Cali. The only reason for me to graduate early is because I’ll have taken all the aps my school offers except ap calculus bc but who wants to take that?</p>