Graduating early

<p>Hi everyone, </p>

<p>I really want to graduate one year early for financial purposes and I want to attend a top 10 law school as well. I have a stellar gpa, attend a top university, and plan on taking the LSATs soon. Given that I will only have two years of grades when I apply, is this going to hurt my admissions chances substantially?</p>

<p>i did this and am at a top6 law school, so its definitely possible. if your numbers are within the school's range it wont be a problem. at worst, it will make a slight difference if you are a borderline applicant. i got in everywhere my numbers predicted, and WL rejected where i was borderline. </p>

<p>law firms may look at this differently though if graduating in 3 years made you forgo any good internships or other opportunities.</p>

<p>Any other opinions on this topic?</p>