Graduating High School A Semester Early & Attending College In The Spring

To whoever is reading this thread, I am a high school senior who turns 18 on Friday November 12, 2021, graduating high school a semester early (January 2022), and applied to all of my colleges for the spring & summer semesters. I also identify as a low-income, first generation, minority student living in Indiana & moving to Texas soon. I feel like I’m ready for college mentally, academically, and financially. I already completed all of my requirements to graduate early and all I need is 1 semester of AP Chemistry & PreCalculus Honors to strengthen my skills for college next spring. And I am in the process of getting a part time job to save money for college. I don’t care about prom, graduation ceremony, senior trips, and other mediocre activities. I am ready to start a new life and I’m doing a tremendous job of preparing for my future. However, I am applying to a few scholarships that can cover the full cost of attendance to a public university in Texas (U of H, Texas State, UTSA, Baylor, & TCU), hopefully, I win all of those scholarships so I wouldn’t take out a massive student debt. I am now waiting to receive my admission decision and I hope I get into most but all of my schools especially the University of Houston. I am applying for 2 majors: Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry (pre-med). Whatever major my colleges accepts I will study that discipline. My admission stats are not good or bad but it never hurts to try. Are there any advice you can give me or words of encouragement?

It sounds like you need money to attend these schools.

What if you don’t get the scholarships? Student loans will only give you $6K per year. You can’t borrow more than $27K over the course of 4 years. You, as the student, will not be able to borrow large amounts of money on your own; the government doesn’t allow that. As a low income family, your family may not qualify for large loans to cover the costs of private schools like Baylor or TCU.

Make sure that you are aware of the expenses associated with the schools you have chosen and that they are affordable.

The Texas public schools are a little different, in that, they prioritize space for Texas residents. Coming from Illinois, you currently will not be considered a resident until the university residency office determines your fees, so you will be required to pay non-resident tuition.

If your parents have medical insurance for you, make sure you use their insurance. All universities require that their students have medical insurance or pay for student health insurance offered by the university. It is not covered by scholarships and usually runs anywhere from $2K-6K per year.

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You’ve done what you can. If you don’t get into college for spring or don’t get scholarships to pay for it, just work as much as you can and save up money.

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There’s usually less money for students who start in the Spring than for the Fall.
Is your family moving to Texas ?
Any chance you can delay graduating HS and enroll in dual enrollment classes (PSEO, CIs…), especially in Community college calculus& Physics to reinforce your application to Engineering ?
you cannot borrow massive amounts, you can only borrow 5.5k in your name. Anything else would be on your parents and, if they’re low income, you really dont want to do that to them.
What is your parents’budget for college?
Have you looked into meet need colleges (such as Rice, or is it too much of a reach)?
Have you run the Net Price Calculator on Trinity Tx, Southwestern, UTD, UTSA, TEXAS STATE?


Just curious….what scholarships for full cost of attendance in Texas have you applied for (for spring admission)? This might help others.


Be aware that until you are 24 your financial aid will be based on your parents financial situation (there are a few exceptions, such as emancipated minor, married, active duty military, but you have to apply for independent status). That means to get financial aid your parents will have to complete the application forms.

Those 2 statements do not align.

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ps, re: residency in Texas for tuition purposes:

To qualify as a Texas resident, an individual must 1) reside in Texas for one year prior to enrollment and 2) establish a domicile in Texas prior to enrollment . An applicant or student who is claimed as a dependent on a parent’s most recent federal tax return will be classified based on the parent’s qualifications for residency.

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Do you have a backup plan for later this fall just in case the large amount of aid doesn’t materialize? Is your whole family moving to TX or just you? If family isn’t moving, applying to any Indiana schools?

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that was a mistake… i already have a job and lots of money saved up LOL

Yes, I’m applying to 1 Indiana schools but Purdue west Lafayette is the best option but I’m only going there for engineering. I wouldnt apply to IU Bloomington because I’m a minority and attending a college that is 70% white would make me uncomfortable.

Thanks for the feedback.

American Chemical Society Scholars Program, Ron Brown Scholarship, Jackie Robinson Scholarship, College Board Class of 2022 Scholarship

Just me

My family is not moving to Texas just me. There is no way I can delay high school graduation. And the net price calculator for the Texas colleges says that I have to pay $33k a year after financial aid. My stats are not competitive enough for Rice and my parents can’t afford to pay college tuition so I have to rely on FAFSA, pell grant, and my competitive scholarships.

thanks… i feel much much better after i read your comment.

To be brutally honest, I wouldn’t know how to pay for college if I don’t win any of my scholarships. The school I’m interested in the most is the University of Houston because its cheaper than most schools in Texas regarding out of state tuition. I really want to move to Texas its my childhood dream (not trying to get off topic).





So, if you got all 4 (a HUGE if), you would have a maximum of 23,000 in the first year and 22.500 for each of the next 3 years, which would cover your tuition at UofH- but no living costs.

Have you talked to your school about programs like Posse?

Based on being in-state?

Did you investigate Questbridge??? If you don’t receive any scholarships this coming term, you really need to check out Questbridge.

Get used to it. You plan to major in Chem Eng/biochem.

If you are as prepared for college as you say you are, then use your self-esteem and ignore what’s not there, and work hard at becoming comfortable. A number of schools still don’t have large populations of people of color.

When I went to school, way back in the dark ages, I was usually the only person of color in ANY of my classes. Grad school was even less “colored”.
If anything, having no persons of color around me made me a stronger person because the professors encouraged me; they knew who I was and called on me because I stood out. I went to office hours and typically knew the answers. They encouraged me to do well and often gave me supplemental information (like going to the tutors, finding part time university jobs, volunteer information, and getting departmental scholarships).

I received great letters of recommendation for grad school as a result of my active participation in the classroom and university. Everyone knew me. If you plan to ever work in specialty fields or go to med school, you need great references.

The college was working hard to try to increase its diversity. I wouldn’t have done as well as I did if I didn’t get that extra attention. When I was interviewing for jobs, I had become very adept at interviewing and working with the “majority” population. I was the only person of color (50 staff) in my job setting and the experience of working with “white” populations served me well.
At the time, the colleges and universities had very few people of color, so there was no choice for me, but it worked out.


Thank you for sharing your story. Again, I still wouldn’t go to IU Bloomington but I will check QuestBridge.

Will you be 100% responsible for your own living expenses as well?

Working while attending a community College could be an option as well. Look at auto admit programs which allow you to transfer into a 4 year after completing 2 yrs at a cc.