Graduating in 3 years possible??

<p>I've heard it takes usually 5-6 years to get out of here due to impacted majors and the lack of available classes - is this true? I have enough A.P. credits to equate to a semester, and I'm going to be an international business major. How, if possible, can I graduate in 3 years?</p>

<p>Your best bet is probably talking to an advisor/conselor at SDSU for specifics, but I have a friend who graduated from Chico in 3 years. I think it's mostly a combination of AP credits, getting all the classes you need at the right time(which can be tricky), and also probably doing summer semesters. It also helps that you know what major you want, but changing your major can delay the process. </p>

<p>Anyways, definitely call up the school and find out who you need to speak to because they will have the best answer for you!
Best of Luck!! :)</p>

<p>yes, summer classes are the key, apparently. My friend's sister graduated UCLA in 3 years by taking summer classes every year but it's very exhausting to go on nonstop.</p>