Graduating in 5 years due to Study Abroad

<p>Does anyone know if med schools take into account how long it took for an applicant to graduate? I'm currently on track to graduate in 4 years in the spring of 2012 but I've always wanted to study abroad. In order for me to do this, I would have to study abroad this upcoming spring (2011) and that would set me back a year to graduate in 2013. Is this a bad idea? I currently have a 3.78 GPA with 89 credits going into junior year so I would think that they could recognize that I would've been able to graduate in 4 years no problem.</p>

<p>You'll be fine. It almost certainly won't be a factor at all and will never come up in the application process.</p>

<p>Icarus is right, they won't care, your story/transcript will make sense and that's what they want</p>

<p>Wait, why will studying abroad set up back 1 year? Don't the classes you take in a foreign country transfer over to your school? That is the case for MOST study abroad programs. Talk to the study abroad program coordinator at your school about the credits transferring over so you can finish up on time.</p>

<p>But even though I don't understand why studying abroad sets up back 1 year, you should be fine if it takes you 5 years.</p>