Graduating in December 2012...what should I do next?

<p>I have 3 plans in consideration. I don't know which one is best for me, I just want to make the right choice. I'll take any suggestions. I appreciate all the time you put into making a response. if you were in my situation...what would you recommend and why: </p>

<p>My situation:
Graduating: December 2012
GPA: 3.8
ACT: 23
AP/Honor Courses: Yes
EC: Varsity Cheerleading [4 years], VBS Teacher, Part time job [2 years], FBLA, Key, Beta
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Possible other majors: Advertising, Statistics, Business Administration
Possible Universities: North Carolina Chapel Hill, Syracuse, U of Arkansas,</p>

<p>PLAN 1:
January 2013 - Go to a Community College for one semester
Fall 2013 - Go to a University
Reason: Get some classes through with, stay in the 'school'/study mode during the spring semester
Downside: [possibly] deal with transfer policies [Syracuse asks to apply as a first year if there's less than 12 credit hours]
1 QUESTION: How do I apply to a university in the fall 2012 and say that I'm a transfer...but haven't really started CC yet? Is that not allowed? </p>

<p>PLAN 2:
January 2013 - Work and save money
Fall 2013 - Go to a university
Reason: Not have to deal with transfer policies, save money for college
Downside: Not in school for several months (which can be a nice break as well...just depends), Basics are not completed = Spending more $$ at the university </p>

<p>PLAN 3:
January 2013 - Go to a Community College for TWO years
then go to a university
Reason: cheaper tuition, more time to decide what university is best
Downside: Living at home (in need of freedom), dealing with transfer policies </p>

I don't like PLAN 3 mainly because I'm really wanting to leave home, but it is financially better</p>

<p>PLAN 1 seems the most stressful and loaded. Applying for scholarships AND to colleges, preparing to go to CC, and dealing with my last semester of HS all in the fall of 2012. If I went with PLAN 3 I wouldn't have to worry so much about scholarships and there wouldn't be any college applications. </p>

<p>I'm worried that my ACT score and other stats will not be good enough for North Carolina or Syracuse (I'm well aware how hard it is to get into those colleges. They are my stretch schools) PLAN 3 would give me a second chance to impress the universities since I heard that they focus more on college gpa and stats then hs stuff) </p>

<p>PLAN 2 sounds fine, just working a lot, trying to save money. I'm currently a waitress. I'll probably get a 2nd job if I went with this plan.</p>

<p>plan 2 sounds like the best option for you. you probably want to check if it’ll negatively affect admissions though</p>