Graduating in Five Years

<p>I was considering graduating in five years. I realize that most "Columbians" graduate in four...and word on the street is that Columbia effectively requires you to graduate in four unless you're in a dual program. Is this true?</p>

<p>I believe that what you said is quite true, if you look at the percentage of Columbians graduated in 5 years, i think the rate was under 3% for 2003...</p>

<p>IF i do get in, i definetely want to do the dual program.</p>

<p>yea dual = julliard
or some engineering thing
and some other one. but hardly anyone gets in those programs or something</p>

<p>Hmm...why not?? Because "some" people really believes it's competitive while Columbia says that there really is no question of competitiveness in them? what's your take misscometent?</p>

<p>well when i went on the tour, it was said that the competition to get into dual programs is really tough and maybe one or two of a class of 300 may be in a dual program. Maybe this was just for the julliard I do not know.</p>

<p> misread, yeah, it's probably only for Julliard, which i know is quite rigorous, i was talking about College+SEAS engineering.</p>