Graduating with a concentration vs. a major?

Accepted junior transfer here, and I’m unbelievably stoked. However, I think the Core is going to be super restrictive for my schedule, and I don’t think I can graduate in two years with both the Core and completing my major. Is it frowned upon by employers or graduate school AOs if I graduate with a concentration instead of a major? For reference I’ll most likely be concentrating in either Political Science or English.

A concentration is the same thing as a major. Certain Ivies use the term, not sure about other schools. If you have to fill out a form for an interview in the future, and it asks what your major was, you can put down your concentration.

Not at Columbia. Unlike Harvard where concentration is Harvard-speak for major, at Columbia, both are offered. A concentration there requires fewer courses than a major.


So glad you corrected this! Sorry OP!

So at Columbia, unlike Harvard, a concentration is study in a secondary area in addition to your major, and is optional. You have to complete a major to get a bachelor’s degree.

Majors and Concentrations < School of General Studies | Columbia University

Varies by school. For Columbia College, you need a major or a concentration.

I will defer to others on how a concentration vs major is viewed by employers and grad schools, although I suspect your advisor is a better source of advice.

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I would assume that the typical employer has no idea what the difference is. Curious if anyone knows more.

The link I posted is just for College of General Studies. Apologies again.