graduating with honors

<p>so it just occurred to me that people graduate before grades come out. so what GPA do they use to decide whether you graduate with honors (you know: honors/distinction, higher, highest)? penultimate semester cumulative gpa? sucks for borderline people who rock their last semester. or do they use your final gpa after all grades have been turned in and then append it to your diploma? or...?</p>

<p>you may be confusing the commencement ceremony with graduation. You graduate months later when the school confers the degree and sends the diploma. There is a ceremony each Fall and Spring for those who are going to graduate soon. Cal allows people to walk in the ceremony even if they are going to finish their requirements in summer, but have not yet completed all they need to graduate. Some time after the semester ends in which you are on the degree list, you will graduate. It is not on the date of the ceremony, although the date recorded is going to be backdated from when they actually process the graduation. </p>

<p>Final grades will be available for them to calculate GPAs, cross check all requirements and determine what goes on your diploma and on the transcripts ordered after all is wrapped up.</p>