Graduation 2012

<p>With Graduation scheduled in only 10 weeks, one would think USMMA would have provided details to the proud and excited families by now. I have been checking the website daily for at least 6 weeks, in hopes of finding details about the activities planned for the week-end prior to Graduation, as well as information about the ceremony on June 18. Travel to NY for those of us living thousands of miles from Kings Point is not a spontaneous, inexpensive activity, nor is reserving a hotel for numerous nights at a cost of $500 per night. Are we able to extend invitations/make reservations for week-end activities for siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends? If so, remember they must make travel and accommodation plans in NY, as well. Will attendance at the June 18 ceremony be limited to a specific number of guests? Or are all welcome? Are there any hotels reserved for families/friends traveling to the area? What is the itinerary and cost of events for the entire week-end? I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of any information about this extremely significant and important event that is fast-approaching. Have pre-ordered packs of announcements/invitations been mailed to parents for addressing? I have not received my midshipman's. Shouldn't these announcements be posted to the midshipmen's invitation list within a few weeks?</p>