Graduation Application... Rejection?

<p>Does anyone know of any reasons a grad application might be rejected?</p>

<p>Low undergrad GPA, low GRE/GMAT score, not enough work experience, not following the admission requirements, etc etc.</p>

<p>Also, weak letters of recommendation. </p>

<p>Another reason is that there are too many competitive applicants, and they just don’t have space to admit you.</p>

<p>Is it possible to get put on a waitlist if you’re rejected? It seems so early to be out and out rejected. Couldn’t some acceptees decide on other schools, who give them more money, etc, just like in the undergrad app phase, so that a space could open up for a possible applicant? Do grad schools offer students a waitlist chance, or if you’re rejected this early in the game, you have no chance of acceptance? I agree, that there are many competitive applicants, especially with the way the economy is, but it would be a shame for a good student to just give up at this point.</p>