Graduation - Fees for Rutgers for MHA?

trying to understand the total fees for the Full Time Rutger’s program for Spring 2022 for International Students. I noticed that in their fees breakup they use words like (12 Credits or more). Since I cant post links - just going to grab the out of state fees on their website

Tuition - Out of State Residents
(12 credits or more) — $16,656.00

But the program requires 42 credits for the degree.
Is there a way to determine the TOTAL FEES for the entire 2 year program? Which includes both tuition fees and the per credit cost over 42 credits?

The cost for 12 - 18 credits is the same, full time students take anywhere from 12 - 18 credits each semester. Is this what you are asking (because there will be fees on top of tuition).

But the university program expliciltey states 45 Credits. Sorry - how does that tie into the 12-18 credits you are indicating? This is a graduate degree FYI…

The Rutgers MHA curriculum is designed to meet the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) standards; accordingly, the program requires 45 credits for the degree.

I see $1387 per credit for OOS grad school, and then under fees I see an additional fee for international students ($250 a semester). It looks like undergrad OOS tuition is close to $30,000 a year, for between 12 - 18 credits a semester.