Graduation gifts

<p>What makes a great graduation gift? [I know this is early...but I have been thinking of it since we just ordered the cap & gown and announcements at my senior D's school.] </p>

<p>I think the future spending on the college education is the gift*! However, I know that we will be purchasing something for our D--probably a notebook computer, but I was interested in what you may have given to your S or D or another relative or friend.</p>

<p>*after my college graduation ceremony, I foolishly asked my mother if we were going out to lunch. Her response? "I thought the degree was enough of a gift." End of conversation.</p>

<p>I would wait on the notebook. Many colleges sell laptops that are already configured for their network. Our d took her new Xmas gift Dell to UNC instead of buying a university laptop... and after three trips to campus IT and she finally had that thing configured and working properly. What a pain. I know UNC also has a loaner program for those who buy their if ever this is a problem, the student drops it off for free repairs and takes out a loaner until they get their computer back.</p>

<p>I wish we had just bought the school computer...registration, add-drop, expense account, etc... is done through the school network so that dang computer has to be reliable and easy to service. Not to say that a school laptop couldn't be a gift too...but you many want to wait and find out where your d is going and if her school has similar program.</p>

<p>For graduation gifts for friends and relatives, I got the best reaction out of Container Store gift certificates.</p>

<p>Might find some good ideas here.</p>

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<p>I have found soft, fuzzy throws to be good, underwear (rule seems to be you don't have to wash until your clean underwear is gone so at least 30 pairs is good); pajama pants for girls if it is a college where you can wear pajamas to class if you are running late; gift certificates to blockbuster, a restaurant near campus, pizza place or other restaurant with delivery, starbucks/nearby coffee place; blank CD's/DVD's, iTunes gift certificate. For higher priced items - new cell phone, digital camera, video camera, gift certificate for plane ticket to be used at graduates discretion.</p>

<p>We almost always give gift certificates to the bookstore of the college to which the graduate is going. They seem to really love these for several reasons: they want to pick out their own sweatshirt/tshirt, or they have to pay for their own books and this really helps out--either way it has been a big hit!! For those doing a gap year, or something else after high school, we haven't met a grad yet who cannot use a Best Buy (or comparable) gift certificate!!</p>

<p>I agree with Idmom06 about the notebook. Both D and S1 went to schools that had great computer buying deals--you can't beat the tech support, free loaners, no hassles warranties, etc. We have been thrilled with the programs they offered!</p>

<p>great ideas---thanks....especially for the idea about the notebook and giftcards to the bookstore</p>

<p>I gave "desk sets" that I created for each grad. The set has all sorts of useful things, including stamps, legal-sized envelopes, scissors, double-stick tape, push pins, protractor ruler, binder clips, paper clips, stapler with extra staples & staple remover, etc., all contained in a zippered semi-soft case.</p>

<p>HImom - what a great idea! Useful and has that personal touch since you put it together yourself. I think I'll 'borrow' that idea, if you don't mind, for the next round of graduation announcements. :-)</p>

<p>Oh yea, I even put in a travel sewing kit as part of the supplies & for my S's, I even put in some mesh laundry bags, magic markers, mechanical pencils, pens, indelible black pen, & everything I like to have handy near my desk.</p>

<p>My niece & her mom were delighted & amazed at the things I stuck into the kit. My S originally said he didn't need it, but it was the 1st thing unpacked & put to use on move-in day. :)</p>

<p>I've also read of folks who have made shower/bath kits for their graduate, similar idea packed into a shower caddy for the student to tote back & forth between dorm room & shower OR laundry kits for their kiddos to take to wash & dry their clothes.</p>