Graduation Housing Available

<p>Need a place to stay for graduation?
PM me.
Have a north campus townhouse reserved, but we are not going to graduation.</p>

<p>This is very GOOD NEWS ... the men's lacrosse team is playing at the final four for the third time in four years. And since my son is skipping graduation to play ... we're skipping it too!</p>

<p>Awww, too bad you have to choose but I'm sure the game will be great! Congratulations and best of luck to your son and team!</p>

<p>There's no choice! </p>

<p>Our boys started this journey in Fall 2006 with a dream that seemed pretty pie-in-the-sky. After all, the last time Cornell went to the Final Four was in 1987. None of these boys were born yet, although I know of at least one that was at that game in utero! The last time Cornell won the National Championship was in 1977 -- but some of their sons are on this team, including a graduating senior. </p>

<p>Their freshman season finished with a trip to Baltimore on Memorial Day weekend. Sophomore season ended in the first round of the tournament ... junior year they lost the national championship in the last few seconds, and then graduated the stars of the team, including the Tewaarton award winner. No one gave them a chance this year to be anything other than respectable. They called them "the team without." Now the team without has a chance to win it all. </p>

<p>The senior parents had a pow wow last Saturday night, the night before the quarterfinals game. We decided. A win in the quarterfinals on Sunday meant no graduation. We canceled our plans for graduation eve Saturday night ... so if there's a group that's looking for a big room for a dinner, I know where there's a hall that'll hold 100 with a vacancy! Good food too! PM me on that one!</p>

<p>Last year Cornell did a private graduation for the lacrosse seniors.</p>

<p>Best of luck to the graduating seniors and the rest of the team - a Cornell grad's son is graduating with his master's in Dc and getting married there this weekend - and the family plans to attend the games!! (cuz a graduation and a wedding just isn't enough for one weekend!!)</p>

<p>Good luck to the lacrosse team.
Since I was there in '77 I just assumed the lacrosse team had been doing this all along.</p>