graduation questions?

<p>ds will be graduating with his masters in vocal performance this year from Yale. how early should we get hotel reservations? what is "expected"? as far as celebrations, who to invite? we are definately not "in the know" we are blue collar parents who just happen to have a very talented son! help!!</p>

<p>congrats! I would post this on the Yale board.</p>

<p>By "this year" do you mean May 2011? I would suggest that you make your hotel reservations as close to a year in advance as possible, especially if you have a particular hotel that you wish to stay in. Most hotels will take reservations a year in advance. Also, keep an eye out if you want to make reservations for dinner someplace and do that in a timely fashion as well.</p>

<p>Is there a recital involved? If so, I think there is often a reception-type event associated with that. Post your question on the Music Majors forum and see what they say there.</p>

<p>Congratulations to you and your son!</p>


<p>A prior thread <a href=""&gt;;/a> from the music major forum, dealing with BM, not MM. The premise is the same, but he should be the one telling you what, if anything is customary at Yale SOM. The reception if you have one can be public, or private (family, a few close friends, peers), it's really up to him. He/you may need to check the SOM policies, as there may be specific parameters for food service and location if you go that route. Some will allow you to supply food, some mandate a campus purveyor.</p>

<p>As for where to stay, and when to book, the advice to post in the Yale specific forum is the best. You can also get advice on where to eat locally, and the best places for a family dinner (or reception) if you want to go that route.</p>

<p>He can handle the invites. I don't know how far you're traveling, but if a distance, think twice about asking frail or elderly grandparents. Comfort level can be an issue dependiing on the recital's venue, so as soon as he knows where, I would ask him about access and ambiance if these are issues for guests. Woolsey Hall for example is magnificent, but can be stifling on a humid May day. </p>

<p>Also, PM binx, and/or thumper1. Both have sons with recent MM recitals, and they traveled a distance to be at the respective recitals. Their experiences can supplement what I suggest.</p>

<p>My son graduated 18 months ago with an MM in cello performance from Mannes. His recital was in December and we attended that at his request. However, he chose not to attend graduation. Unless it is a really big deal for your family, I would not worry about inviting other family members. For many people, the masters degree is not as big a deal as an undergrad degree. Ask your son what he would like. I imagine he would rather have you and/or other family members attend his recital more than anything else. After the recital, take him a few friends out for dinner or offer to host a reception if he would like. </p>

<p>As far as graduation itself, I wouldn't worry about getting formal invitations. Just let your family know about his accomplishment.</p>