Graduation rate

<p>Anybody have any thought on OWU's low graduation the 50-60% range?</p>

<p>Is that the 4 year, or 6 year rate?</p>

<p>4 year...we were alerted to the % when submitting the FAFSA...then when I checked different sources, the % rate varied anywhere from 50-60.</p>

<p>YIKES! Yeah, I've never been able to find their Common Data Set online...
I'd love to know their 6 year rate of graduation, too.</p>

<p>I am glad you asked this. I am wondering about it as well. I don't think the six year graduation rate is terribly high and quite honestly, it is giving me pause. My daughter was accepted to OWU, really likes it, and is an excellent student. But not only do we want her to graduate in four years, but we want her surrounded by other like-minded people.</p>

<p>Is the issue that kids are partying? Not going to class? Not ABLE to get INTO the classes they need to graduate on time? Or are they taking part in theory-to-practice grants and thus taking longer to graduate? That or study abroad are the only two reasons that I would find compelling.</p>

<p>If there are any OWU students or admission counselors reading this thread, I would love input.</p>

<p>I checked the 2013 Princeton Review, and it lists the 4 year rate of graduation as 52%, and the 6 year rate at 61%. Retention rate (% of students returning for sophomore year) is 82%. It doesn't say what year this date is from, however. Things might have improved. </p>

<p>Looking at other schools with similar freshman profiles for SAT/ACT scores, the graduation rates and retention rates are pretty similar to OWU's. These schools may be willing to take chances admitting students who maybe just aren't ready for college, and take a different path ultimately.</p>