GRADUATION this weekend!!!!

<p>Baccalaureate this evening, commencement Saturday morning. Hope no hail, snow, thunder, or rain during the ceremonies. Have had a bit of freaky weather lately.<br>
Congratulations to grads and best wishes to incoming freshman.</p>

<p>Another graduation. This time Masters :). Not sure what I'm going to wear, perhaps the dress I couldn't wear two years ago in the cold rain</p>

<p>best of luck to everyone.</p>

<p>Congrats to your son, lamom! </p>

<p>It really rains in Redlands in the spring/summer? We (almost) never have rain between May and October up in the SF Bay Area.</p>

<p>We had rain a few weeks ago. The Orange fair in San Bernardino almost always has rain and is usually around graduation day. 2008 was really freaky. Never enough rain to end the drought :(.</p>