Graduation...YAY! Class of 2011 Report

<p>Traveling tomorrow from Connecticut to Arizona for S1's graduation on the 7th. Can't believe it's been 4 years (and pretty happy that he earned the degree in 4 years rather than 5 or 6 or...). Looking forward to the awards ceremony, the graduation and our celebratory dinner afterwards. Congrats to all of the Class of 2011!!</p>

<p>Congratulations Archiemom. S graduated last week from the University of Michigan and will start work next month as an actuary. He worked very hard these past four years and I am very proud of him!</p>

<p>ECHO THAT!!!</p>

<p>4 years. mech engineering. (AND an Army commission)</p>


<p>Very, very proud</p>

<p>Agreed! 4 years, computer science, and a JOB!!</p>

<p>Yay for my son also! Three degrees (BSME, MSME, MBA) and one certificate (Nuke) in six years … and a great job. So excited for him!</p>

<p>4 years, comp sci, a job (yay!)
opposite coast job (boo!)</p>

<p>3 more days, then we are heading to Houston to watch DS graduate from Rice with a degree in Civ. E, and an engineering job and an apartment. How the he** did my little son end up a grown-up!!! :eek: Another plug for private universities - virtually all of his friends at Rice are graduating in 4 years; can’t think of one of his close high school friends who attended public universities who are… (and that’s not to say that lots of kids don’t get through public university in 4 years, just that of his group of 5 guys, none are…EDIT: looked it up. Our state flagship has a 52.9% 4-year graduation rate.)
We will be staying with friends, a former prof of DD, and are looking forward to the concert, fireworks, receptions, strolling around, GLOWING (;)yea, okay, it’ll probably be 98 degrees, so we will be glowing with sweat as well as delight…), even looking forward to two hours in the sun as all the graduates parade in. Bringing the grandparents and the sister with us, and other grandma flying in from Ohio,and I am so looking forward to it!
Let me hear all your stories!!!</p>

<p>DD is graduating this year. She managed everything on her own and that is a very pleasant surprise! By the Grace of God and through her efforts she has got a reasonably good job to start with:)</p>

<p>anxiousmom, we are leaving today for Rice, too. S3 is traveling with us, but grandma cannot travel so we will take pictures and videos. Hope you enjoy the concert, DD is singing in it. We can’t believe 4 years has gone and we can’t believe she has grown up so much. She is still wanting for results on the job auditions she did, but has pieced together the 3 jobs that will sustain her while she pursues work in her major. But that is the life of a performer.</p>

<p>Congratulations to everyone. D1’s graduation is over the Memorial Day weekend. We have rented a house on the lake for the week (or long weekend). Grandparents and uncles (from CA) are coming, so it’s going to be kind of a family reunion/vacation. D1 is the oldest kid in my family, and first one to graduate. I am looking forward to it.</p>

<p>D1 is planning everything for us, including a barbecue for her friends and family at the house. I am hoping for nice weather.</p>

<p>We’re leaving today for Rice graduation, too! My 89-year-old mother is coming along. She’s very excited to finally see the campus and it looks like the weather will be a little cooler than originally expected, so that’s good news. We may not get as much face time with S as we’d planned because he’ll likely be spending most of tomorrow and Saturday after graduation looking for a furnished apt. He got a last-minute job offer and needs to find housing by Monday! No stress, right? :eek:</p>

<p>Yikes! Good luck with the apartment hunt. Maybe his company will pay for a week in a hotel to allow him time to find housing.</p>

<p>Congrats to all!!! :)</p>

<p>S1 graduated this semester…yeah!!! 4 years, PBK, 4.0, Applied Math. He’ll be starting his PhD in August. He’s got a VIGRE deal for the summer. </p>

<p>However, the grad ceremony had to be cancelled and moved to August because of The Tornadoes…so…delayed walking. :frowning: Oh, well, he will return to walk.</p>

<p>Congrats from here, too. DD1 graduates Sunday (just a short drive away) with a major in English, minor in Studio Arts. Will be out pounding the pavement for a job on Tuesday. ;)</p>

<p>First of my 4 to Graduate from UM tomorrow. The whole clan is going down for the weekend. S1 graduating with 2 BS ( History and English) and minor in Philosophy. Had a GREAT experience at the U. Taking year off to earn some $$$ and recharge before going to law school. Wants to be a prosecuter. He will be great at it. Spending summer with us, S2 is home for summer as well. House is crowded already before S1 even gets here, but feel SO blessed. Best to all. You all helped me so much transition to a college mom. Can we start a “YOUNG ADULT CONFIDENTIAL” ?</p>

<p>Congrats, all! I love to hear the news! Keep it coming! ;)</p>

<p>Graduation with honors. In architecture. No job yet, with LOTS and LOTS of searching.
All referrals appreciated!</p>

<p>In case you missed it, here’s another thread about the college class of 2011.
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<p>Four years ago, son earned an academic full tuition, room, board and books scholarship to the University of Louisville. This past weekend, he graduated from UofL with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a major in Business Economics with Mathemetics and Finance minors. Next up for him is grad school at the University of Cincinnati. It went by sooo quickly!</p>