Grammar Ques.

<p>What's the general rule for mixing tenses?</p>

<p>Like the following:</p>

<p>I knew that you will go. <This sounds awkword. Is the conditional supposed to be used?</p>


<p>I desired that you ___. <Only the subjunctive should be used in cases of desire correct?</p>

<p>For the first one it should be "would" not "will." I understand why you'd use subjunctive for desire in Spanish but I don't even know what the "subjunctive tense" is in English. You're overthinking it. The second one would be "would" also, I suppose.</p>

<p>'s "would go" not "will go"</p>

<p>"I desired that you ___."
This is semi-awkward. In most cases, desired doesn't have a noun clause ("that you do your homework") after it. Verbs like "wish" and "hope" are more commonly used that way. Also, the "that" is not necessary and often omitted.</p>

<p>(I wish you would do your homework)</p>

<p>I have never seen 'I desire that you ___." in a sentence before.</p>

<p>The English structure of "I desire that you" is "I want you to", or "I would like you to", or "I wish you would".</p>

<p>There's no such thing as a subjunctive tense in English. They only occur in Latin-based languages.</p>

<p>There is a subjunctive mood. </p>

<p>Subjunctive of a verb is simply third person form.</p>