Grammar Question

<p>Can someone explain this to me?</p>

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<p>The answer is:


<p>this is what i think:</p>

<p>"an amateur potter herself" is describing the accountant and is grammatically correct
"to help" is in the correct form
"as they were" refers to the business accounts, thus plural
"by" is the correct preposition in this case..</p>

<p>sry i'm being general but that's the just of it</p>

<p>IceQube, which resource are you using for these test questions?</p>

<p>^SAT tests.</p>

<p>Which answer did you put?</p>

<p>^I put D ...</p>

<p>Well there isn't much to say other than that 'complicated by' is an idiomatic phrase that you just have to know. There isn't any sort of rule.</p>

<p>"By" is the right idiom in that context. The accounts were complicated "By" his unusual system. It makes sense</p>