Grammar question

<p>Because of the economy downturn, every city and town___ retrenching their expense
a) is
b) are</p>

<p>I thought this was a college forum? I learned this in like 6th grade.</p>

<p>CORRECT: Because of the economic downturn, every city and town is retrenching its expense.</p>

<p>"Every city and town" refers to every single place of living (not strictly speaking), whether it be a city or a town. If you had a bag of yellow and green gumballs, then you may say that in the bag every gumball, or, to be more specific, every yellow and green gumball, is tasty.</p>

<p>Actually, it could be "their expense" as well, since the expense applies to the cities and towns individually as well as collectively. I'm not completely sure though.</p>

<p>The answer is A. You're overthinking this.</p>