Grammar questions: "...Than I" or "...Than me"?

<p>Hey, I was wondering which of the following are wrong and which are right ON THE SAT. PLEASE let me know the reason! :) I'm always confused about this:</p>

<p>"She is better than me."</p>

<p>"She is better than I."</p>

<p>"I am better than her."</p>

<p>"I am better than she."</p>


<p>Finish off each sentence to decide.</p>

<p>For example, "She is better than me is" doesn't make sense, but "She is better than I am" does. So "She is better than I" is correct.</p>

<p>Similarly, "I am better than she is" sounds correct; "I am better than her is" doesn't. So you would write, "I am better than she."</p>

<p>^MaineLonghorn is completely correct. </p>

<p>Maine is talking about implied verbs. </p>

<p>"She is better than I" (am). There is an implied verb at the end of this sentence. Because of the implied verb, you must use the subjective form.</p>

<p>Here's an example for reinforcement :):</p>

<p>Wrong: He pitched the ball better than me.</p>

<p>Correct: He pitched the ball better than I (did).</p>