Grammar Questions

<p>On the SAT, is redundancy considered an error?</p>

<p>Yes, on the SAT, the error of redundancy is considered an error on the SAT to be redundant. Yes.</p>

<p>Redundancy is considered an error. Aim for a concise sentence that gets the point across.</p>

<p>Another question. I just want to make sure, but are groups of people (audience, people, team, etc) considered singular? For example, is "the audience is......" correct? And by the same principle would words like "equipment" or "evidence" require singular verbs?</p>

<p>Yes, such *collective nouns<a href="audience,%20team,%20band,%20class,%20congregation,%20etc.">/i</a> are always singular. </p>

<p>Use the plural only when you are speaking of certain individuals in a group. </p>


<p>1) Because the band arrived late, it was not allowed to enter the stadium. </p>

<p>Rationale: We're talking about a single band. Not multiple bands. </p>

<p>2) The audience was very rude and heckled me. </p>

<p>Rationale: We're talking about the audience as a whole. </p>


<p>1) The saxophone players in the band were mediocre. </p>

<p>Rationale: Please note that the subject is no longer the collective noun "band." </p>

<p>2) The audience members were munching on popcorn. </p>

<p>Rationale: Again, the subject is "members" now, not "audience."</p>

<p>ok thanks!</p>