<p>anyone wanna e-mail me the computer version of the grammatix book.. i'll love you forever</p>

<p>do you have any old SATs? thats something ireally need...ill give the book to you if you have something of value</p>

<p>i have both January SAT and grammitix as well as access to SAT online course, but im not givin that stuff away for free...</p>

<p>yeah, it costs around $50 dollars kid. Besides, all grammatix files are digitally locked. You can't send it through email.</p>

<p>trust me u can send it</p>

<p>yea you can send it</p>

<p>Yeah, but why would you send it to a complete stranger for free when you had to pay for it?</p>

<p>out of altruism and philanthropy???</p>

<p>two threads by different users asking for the grammatix ebook? it must be really good . . .</p>


<p>paypal me for it and i will give it away</p>

<p>you can take each book of satI and saTII if you wish to pay through pay pal
or you can exchange with me</p>