Grandma raised by or con?

<p>My essay topic is to write about a person who has influenced my life, so I chose my grandmother. In my essay I give a brief history of her life and then descibe how she has influenced me. The problem is that when my grandmother was a child she was raised by Irish gypsies because both of her parents died. My dad thinks I should not include that she was raised by gypsies because he thinks it is a little "creepy". I think her childhood really made my grandmother accepting of others and her acceptance of others is what I am trying to stress. Do you think saying I admire someone who was raised by gypies would be a strike against me?</p>

<p>Irish gypsies? Like Brad Pitt in Snatch? Anyway, it sounds like a good thing for the essay. Diversity of mindset is a good thing, and if it helped her be accepting of others, and that's what you want to stress, it sounds like you should definitely include it.</p>

<p>I think her being raised by gypsies is interesting. Just keep in mind that the real subject of all college essays is you. This even is true when the essay topic is the person who most influenced you. Make sure your essay's main focus is how you've followed whatever your grandmom taught you. Don't have it mainly be about your grandmom. She's not whom the colleges will be considering for admission.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input!</p>