Grant awarded at end of semester

<p>I had applied for a grant in early fall 2011. I was finally awarded that grant on the second to last day of the semester, but it hasn't been posted to my student account yet. This was my last semester and I graduated a few weeks ago. My question is if I am still entitled to the grant; since it was for the semester that I was still enrolled, even though it theoretically will not be paid out until middle of January. I am just curious because my university just put a hold on my account to hold disbursement of any grants because I applied for graduation in prior semester.</p>

<p>Where I worked, the grant would have paid to your account automatically & you would have received the refund. You need to call the school. It is possible that the grant reduced other aid, and you won't actually receive any more money as a result. This can happen if you have a lot of aid & you are at the cost of attendance. It can also happen if the grant reduces your "need," and the subsidized Stafford loan has to be decreased. The aid officer cannot increase your unsubsidized Stafford loan without your permission when the sub is decreased, so it can be a "wash."</p>