Grant from Harvard -- good for Stanford REA?

I’m applying REA to Stanford, and I’ve won a few grants to continue my nonprofit endeavors. Arguably, the biggest one I’ve received is a grant from Harvard (at the youngest age in history, too). Should I list this one as one of my honors when applying to Stanford or would it be more favorable to use the slot to list a (less competitive) one as an honor, so it doesn’t seem as though I’m more interested in Harvard than Stanford? As a side question: does such an achievement serve as a hook for these highly selective schools? Thanks, all.

If it’s an award/honor, list it. I don’t think Stanford Admissions is going to think you’re more interested in Harvard, and if anything applying REA shows that you’re more interested in Stanford than Harvard (b/c you chose to apply early at Stanford vs. Harvard.) :smile:

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

Thank you! I was thinking the same, it would be a pretty petty thing to get sour over, but thanks for confirmation!