Graphic Design at Chapman: Help!

Hey there!
I am currently at a four year univeristy in Virginia as a freshman and hope to transfer to Chapman Fall of 2020. I am debating whether to go in for Graphic design and if its a hard major to get into and if it would risk my chances of getting in?
Any advice?

Do you have a portfolio? You need a portfolio. My daughter was in the Chapman Graphic Design program but transferred to another school, changed her major. Her roommate was a terrible artist and somehow was accepted. Most of the students are good artists. Chapman is a private college so it’s expensive. It’s known for it’s film and drama depts and supposedly has a good business dept. too. The GD program was okay but not outstanding. The instructors weren’t all that great. You should calculate the cost of attending Chapman, it’s very, very expensive and if you are majoring in anything other than film, drama, or business, I would suggest going elsewhere that is cheaper, like your state school. Seriously, calculate the cost and how long it would take you to repay it!

The bigger issue is the university. It’s very small at 8300 (6000 undergrads), so the dining hall is like a fishbowl, much like high school (and the food is same stuff repeated again and again, like pizza and burgers). There are a lot of students who are shallow and from the Los Angeles area who care about their appearances and the weekends on campus are quiet because people go home. Therefore, the students party starting Wednesday or Thursday! The students are not allowed to leave their doors open due to fire code so it’s not so easy to meet friends. She knew of at least 10 others who transferred away before she did, lots of people who were unhappy. We toured and the students seemed happy, the admissions representatives were welcoming. There is a downtown but not much there. The surrounding area seems a bit dicey and there are no good grocery stores nearby. The administration is very bad. All they care about is the money, not the students. The RAs are not good, they just want free tuition, they ignore issues and hope they go away. While she left because she changed out of her GD major, she was not happy there and a lot of students are unhappy there unless they are in a good sorority and party all the time. I’d give the school a “D” grade.

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