Graphic design schools????

<p>after much consideration I decided to follow a undergrad major in graphic design..and i'm wondering if anyone knows of any good graphic design programs in Cal State colleges or UC's, preferably near the L.A. area.</p>

<p>And if you can also say which schools are the most affordable and good ( I guess an overall critique) i'd really appreciate it. thanks!</p>

<p>Art Center College of Design</p>

<p>that's not affordable :P</p>

<p>yeah as much as i'd like to go to pasadena school of art, or otis..i don't hav that much money, or support from parents! (parents never want their kids to be artists!!!!!!) so i'm lookin for more of a cal state type of education....i think even UCLA is expensive!</p>

<p>I hear CSU Long Beach has a good program. San Jose State has a good one too but my gd instructor said it's pretty hard to get into the BFA program.</p>