Graphical calculator for SAT II maths IIC

<p>do you have to have a graphical calculator for Maths Level 2 to score an 800. I only have a scientific calculator. </p>

<p>Anyone done the paper with a scientific?</p>

<p>I have done practice tests under testing conditions with only a scientific. I do not recommend it. You don't have to have a graphing calc to get an 800 but you do have to be a math god.</p>

<p>Graph cal rules !!! Especially when u have to deal with symbolic expression, so much faster !!!</p>

<p>Same problem here. When I tried Barron's practice, I realized that I simply can't get a 800 without a graphic calculator. I prodded my mom, and then she agreed to buy.</p>

<p>Now, all I have to do is to master how it works... within 2 weeks. O.o</p>