Graphing calculator for SAT II math iic

<p>is it really necessary to get a graphing calculator for the iic? 800m SAT I, and also, SAT II writing study guide, PR VS. Kaplan
which one?</p>

<p>You really ought to get a graphing calculator, even if you don't need one for IIC. That said, it requires you to work fast, so a graphing calc would really help. Invest in a TI-89 Titanium- you'll be glad you did.</p>

<p>I agree with Elizabeth - a good graphing calculator will be a valuable asset for years to come.</p>

<p>PR, in my opinion.</p>

<p>Not necessary, but the advantages are pretty big IMO. I went in with a TI-86, and some of the questions would definitely have been much more of challenge if I had been wielding a dinky scientific calculator. I'm sure ppl have aced the test without it, but graphic calculator probably is the best option. Graphic calculators just have more functions and more memory to store answers. They're also better at letting you solve some of the hard problems with brute force, since you can graph nasty equations and also go through the almighty GUESS AND CHECK technique faster. A TI-89 would be even more ridiculous, because it's algebra solver is so powerful. But if you don't know the majority of your calculator's functions, then its pretty much on par with any calculator.</p>

<p>I used a TI 83+ and it definitely helped on some problems. For example, when you are given an equation like f(x) = (1-2X)^2 and it asks you what the maximum of that is instead of plugging in the answer choices just graph it and you'll see it right away. There weren't any matrices on this test but there have been before and getting the derivative of a matrix any bigger than 2X2 would be a bitch without using the matrix functions on your graphing calc. You really don't need anything more than a TI-83+ (or TI-84 now) but if you don't have one and want one for college, I'd splurge at go for the TI-89 Titanium or even the TI-92 (gotta make sure college professors will let you use it though - a lot of them are old school do calc by hand which is fine for me but still a pain when you cant even check your work with a graphing calc).</p>

<p>use a graphing calculator. any kind ti-83 and up will do.</p>

<p>you'll regret it if you don't. I hear some questions are specifically designed to see if you can use youre calculator correctly. now, if youre not using one... that may cause a problem or cost you precious precious time.</p>

<p>Yes, definitely use a graphing calculator. According to Collegeboard, ~60% of the problems are a lot easier with a calculator. And, after all, the "C" in Math IIC stands for calculator, right? ;-)</p>

<p>Writing- Kaplan</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>how do u use kaplan writing? drill answers don't have explanations!!!! damn, wasted $30!!!!</p>

<p>Did you check the end of the section/book? I thought the drills had answers.</p>

<p>I used a 83+, and got a lot of good programs off of I'd recommend a calculator, I estimate the programs saved me 6 or 7 minutes if not more! And I think I got more correct. The TriangleSolver program was the best.</p>

<p>I'd agree that it depends on your ability. If your math concepts aren't that sound, then you'll probably do better with a graphic calculator. For me, I went in with an ordinary scientific calculator and pulled off an 800.</p>