GRE and Graduate Plans/preparation!


<pre><code>I recently graduated from a small, reputable liberal arts college. I was a double major in Anthropology, as well as Spanish. My gpa in both fields was a 4.0, while my cumulative score was a 3.99. I graduated with honors in Anthropology, as well as summa cum laude and was top of my class. I also have a rather well rounded CV, as I was active on campus over the course of the four years

I am not currently enrolled in a year long graduate program at a nearby institution that did not require the GRE for admission. I was admitted to three other similar programs that did not require the GRE as well, that were very reputable. However, I am contemplating continuing my studies immediately after, most likely for an MA/Phd. These programs do require the GRE.

<p>Although I excel in school, I am not the best when it comes to standardized tests (as I saw with the SAT)-at least they do not match perfectly. I also have heard horror stories about the GRE from friends who took it. I was wondering, given my credentials, just how important is the GRE in admission decisions? I am not looking to necessarily attend an Ivy league grad school, but would like to be able to get accepted to a few programs. Also, how should I go about preparing and plan to take it? I was thinking a Kaplan (or similar) classroom course. Any insights are greatly appreciated!</p>