GRE AW score 3.5.. retake?

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<pre><code>I recently took gre and got 158 on Verbal, 167 on Quantitative, and 3.5 on AW.
My GPA is 3.73..
I want to apply to civil engineering at Berkeley, Princeton, and Stanford, and I worry my gre scores (especially AW) are not good enough.. Should I retake the test/ ask for a rescore?

<p>Thanks guys!!</p>

<p>and I’m also wondering if anyone has requested a rescore before and how it turned out…</p>


<p>Top program usually look at AW. If you go in US News rankings, all those schools you mentioned have average AW scores over 4.0. </p>

<p>The dilemma here is can you reproduce high verbal and quantitative again during your retake?</p>