GRE - General Test or Specific?

Hello, just starting to get ready for Grad school applications. Seeking a Master’s in Psychology with a focus on Industrial / Organizational Psych. Despite having applications that open in 3 months many of the websites for programs (at least in CA) do not have any information regarding (1) whether the GRE requirement will be waived for 2022, and (2) if the GRE is required, whether it is the General Test or the Psych-specific test they seek. First person in my family to go to grad school so I need some guidance. Efforts to reach out to programs are hit and miss. Does anyone in the forum have insight? Trying to schedule relevant GRE exams, but do not want to register for an exam that is not required or welcomed. Can I assume psych grad programs that simply reference a “GRE requirement” are referring to the General Exam? Frustrated that requirements are so ambiguously stated for many. Thanks.

Call the department. My daughter is starting her masters in history and, even though the requirement for a GRE score is still on the requirements webpage, it was not a requirement for this year and I have a feeling it is going to be dropped.

She was very relieved. She hates math and didn’t want to take the exam.

If you find out it is required, make sure there is a place to take it. When she looked in the spring, there was one testing center in the neighboring state (about an hour away) but very few times to take it. Not sure if the testing centers are back up and running at full strength yet.