GRE report weird?

<p>well ... here it is, I reported GRE scores (additional ones), not the gratis 4 copies of the score when we sat for the test. Here what I found, the percentile received from my very FIRST score report was different from the percentile reported when I used the additional score report. (note: the scores remain the same). </p>

<p>What seems to be different? This question is raised here because some grad online form needs only percentile. </p>

<p>PS. I only took the test ONCE. </p>

<p>Any idea?</p>

<p>They periodically adjust the percentiles as more tests are taken. Lets say they use a 6 month window - when you take it, the scores are based on the previous six months, but when you send out subsequent reports they may be using six months centered around your test date. If average scores changes between the two windows, your percentiles will also change.</p>

<p>thanks cosmicfish, basically put, the percentile got from 4 years ago, hypothetically speaking, would be different from the percentile reported 4 years later, considering the increasing number of GRE geeks nowadays. I'd say "Ouch".</p>

<p>The same thing happened to my daughter -- her math percentile went down a point, and her analytical percentile went up two points. Verbal remained constant. I suspect this is common when you take tests earlier in the year. (My daughter took in June.)</p>

<p>I think I read somewhere that the percentiles are calculated only for the year in which you took the test. As more people take the GRE over the course of the year, your percentiles can change. The really annoying part is that your first four programs will receive one set of percentiles, and subsequent ones will be different.</p>

<p>I have a question but if we submit score early.. Then how to report new scores to grad schools..?? I mean we need so send the new score sheet or just have to report colleges?</p>

<p>Please reply my post...
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<p>Sid123, there are forms on the GRE website to submit additional score reports (ASRs) to other institutions. You must pay a fee for each additional school.</p>

<p>GRE</a> General Test: Sending Your Scores</p>