GRE Subject

Is GRE Subject really worth it?
I am applying for Astrophysics program in the UK and Europe. So far, only one university on my list has asked for GRE Physics/Mathematics score. I was told that the GRE Physics score will be a valuable addition to my application as it clearly displays my proficiency in the subject.
I will have to wait till April 2022 to give the test. There aren’t any test centres near where I live either. GRE is also a huge financial investment. Should I consider it?

Are you prepared to take the university which asks for the score off your list?


Yes, since they are asking for it!?

It’s not uncommon, in various fields, for some graduate programs to ask for GRE Subject tests. However, my daughter found that THIS year, the two universities that “normally” ask for it, were “GRE optional” this year.

When my daughter pointed out last FALL that the local testing centers had no appointments till April for applications due by beginning of December or January, the admissions department responded with a terse one-liner that they were test optional anyway this year.

I actually am not.