Great computer, good deal - Perfect for not oversized but powerful college laptop

<p>This computer is a great deal for students. Toshiba that's got great power (I was rather picky about laptop selection).</p>

<p>Since I've gotten this, I recommended it to my friend and girlfriend who then bought one and love it. It's got a great keyboard + numpad, good screen (not extremely hi-res, but that's what you get), and oopmh for Graphics and Processing, which make it useful as a design computer or for engineering/maths students that may need it for modelling or other software. </p>

<p>AND it's not that expensive. (for the fact that it will last a good amount of time before any upgrades become remotely necessary) Take a look!</p>

<p>It is powerful, though I don't think its battery would hold out very long.</p>

<p>Depends on what you think "very long" is. I don't know what the reported is (you know how companies fudge the numbers), but it runs full brightness and wifi on, etc. on battery for two hours, which I think is more than sufficient. </p>

<p>In classes, which is when you'll be using battery, wifi is usually off, which brings the battery to 2.3 hours+, which is more than enough for any class. Reaslitically, you have plugs wherever you'll want to go, so not even this is a big issue. Battery life past two hours is extremely overrated, and weight below five pounds is the same. It comes to the points where, who cares?</p>

<p>You're drawing generalizing statements. For some of us, myself included, battery life is extremely important. Not all of us are college freshmen and/or dorming, so a charger is just another thing we have to bring to class.</p>

<p>You are correct, I am generalising. There is no "one computer fits all", but I think this will be ideal for a lot of individuals.</p>