Great Middlebury Traditions

<p>I saw this on the NESCAC site and thought what a wonderful tradition. Everyone connected with Middlebury should be very proud to be known for this.. On ESPN Tuesday at 7 PM. </p>

<p>New</a> England Small College Athletic Conference</p>

<p>This was such a GREAT piece last night. Picking up Butch - not one of, but THE best college tradition out there. Can you imagine that one act of kindness that you exhibited on a snowy afternoon could evolve into a tradition that has lasted 50 years? Where at one point students used their own cars to pick up the man with CP now has a specially equipped van to do the honors? Here’s to Butch! His life and love of sports has been a gift to five decades of Middlebury students. Amazing.</p>

<p>Everyone should watch this. Click on “Picking Up Butch.”</p>

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<p>Ooof, shed a couple tears on that one, such a beautiful tradition. Thanks for posting it!</p>