Great story about some young, NJ Tide fans!

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<p>Great story about some young, NJ Tide fans…Roll Tide!</p>

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<p>Here’s a photo of them outside the Heisman Award Ceremony.</p>

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<p>A group photo.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for sharing this...what a great story!!!!! Roll Tide!</p>

<p>What a great story as we head into a holiday week - Roll Tide!!!</p>

<p>I'm trying to find the email address for that coach, but I can't find him in the school's directory.</p>

<p>I want him to give this Bama forum CC link to any prospective Bama students. </p>

<p>I love this part....No culture shock.....just culture warming... :)</p>

<p>*Cultural experience
The team also returned to New Jersey with a strong appreciation for southern culture.</p>

<p>Most of it was new.</p>

<p>And almost everyone came home with sweet tea on their breath.</p>

<p>“They still haven’t stopped talking about it. … The people of Tuscaloosa really treated them well — just the southern hospitality, which is something they’re not used to up here,” Vick said. “They fell in love with Tuscaloosa.”</p>

<p>Most of the Nutley players had never before shot a gun. A trip to a Tuscaloosa-area firing range and a borrowed shot gun changed that.</p>

<p>Then there was the dining experience.</p>

<p>“The food down there is amazing,” Goudie said. “Southern food is so much better than up here. People are just so much nicer down there than up here, and the air is so much nicer to breathe. Good ol’ home cooking is good. It’s different than pasta every night.”</p>

<p>The barbeque was so memorable, Nutley head coach Steve DiGregorio had a large order of Dreamland’s signature ribs shipped to the Garden State for a recent birthday celebration. </p>

<p>The team also wanted to honor the city by adopting an addition made to this season’s Alabama uniform. A sticker of the hounds-tooth ribbon also went on the back of every Nutley helmet for the season, which ended at 6-4.</p>

<p>For those who didn’t make the trip, Vick explained the significance of the pattern and its association with legendary coach Bear Bryant. </p>

<p>After the first game of the season, one player approached Vick with a question he found especially gratifying. </p>

<p>“Do you think Coach Bryant would have been proud of the way we played tonight?” Vick remembers being asked. “I thought it was cool because Coach Bryant is still impacting football players.”</p>


<p>Great story. Thanks for the post. Speaking of NJ and Alabama, where has NJ Bama been? I haven't seen a post from him in a long time. Maybe he is preparing for the big game!</p>