Great Website

<p>There is a great website for the Midshipman who will be competing in this years Transpac Race. <a href=""&gt;;/a>. It is awesome to see the Mids working so hard and having such great opportunities.</p>

<p>That looks awesome!</p>

<p>By the way, can you tell me how hard it is for a plebe (class of 2011) to get on the sailing team? My son is interested in that and I don't have a clue about the teams as he has not had any contact with the coaching staff for sailing. Thanks!</p>

<p>My son is on the sailing team for KP. He sailed in high school. If your son is interested, he just needs to contact the coach. There is an application to fill out, I believe it is on-line on the KP website with the sailing info. They even take people with no experience and train them as crew, then they work their way up to skipper.</p>

<p>suzannegra, one of the nice things about the relatively small size of USMMA is that a midshipman with desire and willingness to practice has a very high probability of making a team like this.</p>

<p>i'm on the offshore sailing team, and i had never had any real experience sailing before i came in. the coaching staff at the waterfront is great for both sailing teams, and the majority of the offshore team had no prior experience sailing before they showed up either.</p>

<p>Nice find kpmom2010. Several of the (recruited?) kids will receive an invite to a Sports BBQ the night before Indoc (if tradition continues) & they will be able to learn about all the sports & clubs offered in addition to meeting the coaches.</p>

<p>I don't see anything about the BBQ the night before Indoc on the Calendar. Is this something that is posted?</p>

<p>Actually, if he talks to the coaches prior, even if he is not recruited they may invite him to the BBQ. My son was recruited, but some of his friends with no experience were invited once they showed interest in the sport. It doesn't hurt to fill out the forms & call the coach on the phone, you may be surprised at their receptiveness.</p>

<p>suzannegra, if you can wangle an invitation to the BBQ, it helps reduce the apprehension about Induction. Plus, it helps the candidates understand that everyone really wants them to succeed. It's a nice thought to have in their minds if they're getting yelled at later on. Also, since this is a small school where people are eager to meet the new class, your son might enjoy meeting other midshipmen teammates, coaches and faculty.</p>

<p>Thanks! I have heard a lot about this does one wrangle an invitation? Also is the BBQ really going to be on the evening of July 4th, since he reports on 5 July? He already met the track coaches, so I know he's on that list, but he really is interested in sailing.</p>

<p>suzannegra, you asked about an invitation to the BBQ. Some teams have a combined BBQ on the early evening before Indoc. Other teams have their own at a different location. Some teams (some spring sports) do not have a BBQ that night. I suggest calling the sailing coach and/or track coach and asking for their guidance on this.</p>

<p>The kids were sent invitations to the sports BBQ. So a phone call would be a good thing to make sure they aren't left off the list. It is traditionally held the night before Indoc. My “mom” memory of it was dropping off the kids as we walked around the small waterfront park down the street from KP. Then we decided, what the heck, lets go walk around this campus that we haven’t seen enough of yet. It was a great time to visit the Ship’s Store as it was quiet compared to the day of Indoc. We didn’t venture to the BBQ itself but I recall seeing tables set up with the various sports and clubs & the kids were pumped about joining about half of them by the time we’d met up with them to take them back to the hotel. They were able to walk around to each table & find out about the sports/clubs. I found it very nice that the kids had the opportunity to meet each other. They hung in small groups all over the place and talked about the upcoming morning. We met several other parents from all over the country and found them to be just as nervous & it was truly great to have that time not stuck in the hotel room freaking out all night watching the clock. </p>

<p>I think it was football that had its own separate gig? I could be wrong as memory fails.</p>

<p>Thanks. Guess it's time for a phone call. All of you are awesome on here! I truly appreciate the information and support that everyone has given both to me and my son as we go through! :)</p>

<p>contact matt allen down at the water front</p>

<p>Which boat are they going to use and how are they going to get it there?</p>

<p>maacoinc, you asked which boat they are going to use. Race veteran Roy Disney bought the Transpac 52 sailboat named "Morning Light." The crew, made up of young people from several colleges including USMMA, is the youngest crew ever to sail Transpac. Disney is producing a movie about the recruitment, training and performance of the Morning Light crew in the 2007 Transpacific Yacht Race. Right now the sailors are training aboard Morning Light in Hawaii. In June they and the boat will be training in California. The race begins July 15 off Los Angeles and ends off Diamond Head lighthouse near Honolulu. Overall, the Transpac race sounds like the experience of a lifetime.</p>

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<p>also if you are also getting into sailboat racing... the biggest event in sailing is occuring in spain right now the America's cup. </p>

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<p>Thanks for the info. I raced sail boats for many years,,,,and my bad,,,,never taught my son a thing about it. My hubby is a big time power boat guy, so that's what Alex has learned! Oh well...guess my son will be able to teach me a thing or two in a few years!!</p>