Greek Life and Parties?

<p>I'm down to the final few days for my college decision and I'm now between Washington College and Clark University. One big difference between the two socially is that Clark has no greek life while Washington has about 1/5 to 1/4 of its students involved in greek. I strongly dislike greek life along with the whole party atmosphere that goes along with it. I'm worried that with such a large portion of the student body involved, it will sort of be hard to avoid. I went to a small private high school where about half the kids were party kids and the other half were more shy arty kids and nerds, is there a similar sort of scene at Washington?</p>

<p>I know there will be parties happening regardless of what school I choose, but is Greek life and partying a large or exclusive part of Washington? And, on a slightly related note, is Washington too cliquey and/or preppy? I'm really drawn to the academics, but I worry that for a sort of middle class video gaming, nerdy girl like me that I wouldn't make very many friends.</p>

<p>My D just finished her freshman year and loved it. There are definitely all different types of kids there. She is an athlete and sports is a big part of life there. She has no desire to join a sorority and it's not an issue at all. There are a lot of clubs to join to meet people with similar interests. I don't know anything about Clark Univ. but WAC is definitely an up and comer.....</p>

<p>Nighttime, D seriously looking at WAC, plans to apply this fall. However, has 3.1 GPA and didn't do well on SAT, plan to take ACT. Is it reasonable to apply? Thanks</p>

<p>Yes I would definitely still apply. Hopefully she'll do better on the ACT, but they will also take into account her other interests and abilities.</p>