Greek Life at Allegheny College, or anywhere really?

<p>I've done a lot of research on sororities and I think I want to join one once I am in college. My top school is Allegheny College so I was specifically wondering what Greek life is like there. I know what a sorority is and what they're supposed to do, but what is a weekly schedule like? I just want to know before I rush. Is community service every weekend? Do sororities rival one another? Do you organize parties every week?</p>

<p>If you go to another school, any info you have will be helpful as well :)! Thanks in advance!</p>

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<p>First, this isn’t "HS Life’ and you don’t need to bump every 25 minutes.</p>

<p>Second, I’d suggest you not speak about sororities partying every weekend, as that’s a one way ticket to NOT getting a bid. </p>

<p>Third, the weekly schedule will vary by school and by chapter. During your new member period, you’ll likely have more events than usual so that the pledge class can bond. You’ll also likely have weekly (or a couple times a week) new member education meetings. Around the time of initiation, you will likely have ceremonies several nights in a row, but that will vary by chapter. Post-initiation, you’ll have weekly chapter meetings that are mandatory. You’ll have practices for recruitment as well as recruitment itself. You may have a set number of required service hours, or you may not. Generally, chapters hold 1-2 philanthropy events per year, and you’ll likely attend many others. Some chapters may have social events each week, and others may not have as full of a social calendar. You’ll likely have a formal and a semi-formal or date party, but again, that may depend on the chapter. </p>

<p>For further information about a specific school, I would point you to Greekchat.</p>