Greek life at Beloit?

I’ll be attending Beloit for a year as an international exchange student and I was wondering if it would be possible to join one of the campus sororities during that time?

The idea of a united sisterhood of strong women supporting each other in a sorority doesn’t exist in Europe, and it’s something I’d love to experience!

I know you typically join in freshman year and then stay with the sorority for your 4 years at college (and beyond!), but obviously in my case this wouldn’t be possible.

Has anyone had any experience of international students joining sororities/ fraternities for a year? Is it even possible?

I would reach out to Mic Brunner, Director of Student Engagement and Leadership and and ask.

Hope you have a great year!

You wouldn’t join for a year, you’d join for life. If you transfer to (or return to) a campus that doesn’t have a chapter, most of the national groups make you an alum. Same thing used to happen when women got married before graduating.