Greek Life at Virginia Tech

Virginia tech is one of my top choices and I really love a lot about the school. However I am on the fence about being a part of greek life but I know I will have time to decide since recruitment a VT is in January. However, if I chose not to go greek i’m worried that I won’t ‘fit in’, I was wondering how big greek life is on campus and if it dominates the social scene?

Go through Rush and see if you find a fit. If not no big deal.


You’re best bet would be to go to the VT reddit and see if anyone can answer your questions. Most of the posters on this site are students who are applying or their parents.

FWIW, I know several dozen undergrads at VT who did not opt for greek life and they have great friend networks. Tech is a pretty welcoming environment and there are tons of clubs and activities that provide a chance to meet new people.

Here’s the Greek Life informational page, it says 19% of undergrads participate:

Greek life at Virginia Tech is not huge like some Southern Schools (or even UVA). As mentioned above less the a quarter of students participate. To me is seems a good percentage because it has enough for those wanting greek life and for those that don’t they don’t have to feel like they are missing something.

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