Greek Life / Party Scene?

<p>So I'm an incoming freshman for 2010 from NY, and I am very interested in joining a frat. </p>

<p>What is the greek scene like at UNC? Do freshman typically rush first or second semester?</p>

<p>Also what is the general landscape of the social life? Especially for freshman.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say the greek scene is dominant at UNC - most people I know are not in frats or sororities. One of my best friends is in a sorority though, so I've heard a lot about it from her. I think most people rush first semester if they're dead set on joining one. If you are in one, I think you mostly just hang out with the other people in your frat/sorority. My friend really enjoyed it in the beginning, but she is going inactive for her senior year because the sorority started taking up too much of her time and she got really sick of all the other girls in her house (maybe that wouldn't be as much of an issue for guys, ha ha).
That being said, I met a lot of people who lived in my dorm or who were in my classes freshman year. Everybody is out to make new friends/meet people first semester, so everyone was super friendly! It was a lot of fun.</p>

<p>Though the fall pledge class is usually the biggest, my son advises incoming freshmen to wait until spring semester to rush. That gives you time to adjust to college life and start out strong academically. It takes most students a little time to figure out what works for them as far as studying in school, adjustments to dorm and roommates, etc. </p>

<p>That being said my son's only straight A semester was the one he pledged. Though he was an older pledge so maybe that helped.</p>

<p>There is no wet rush this fall. I feel bad for all the incoming students-the parties will be much harder to find.</p>

<p>I'm going to be a sophomore at UNC next year and I found that, as a guy, parties are pretty much run by fraternities (girls can get in wherever they want). Dorm parties tend to be pretty risky and house parties are really awkward (especially if you don't know a ton of people coming in from out of state like I did), so if you're really into partying a frat is pretty much the way to go. I joined a fraternity second semester, and that was a good choice for me because it allowed me to make a good base of friends but if you find a place you like then I would suggest pledging in the fall.</p>