Greek Life

I was wondering if anyone has any insight into Greek life at Butler? Does it seem dominant on campus? Any students who have chosen not to go Greek?

My son is a freshman and pledged a fraternity this spring. I’m a parent so my information is researched based and what my son has told me and not based on experience. About 35% are Greek . My son was in a solid group of 7 guys after first semester. 5 rushed, 3 of them got in and 2 decided not to. My son is quiet and on the reserved side so he went Greek to step out of his shell , meet more people and it has forced him to do some activities on campus he normally wouldn’t try. He still hangs out with his non Greek friends all the time. The nice thing about butler is all Greek events and parties are open to everyone. You don’t have to be Greek to attend.

My daughter did not go Greek. She had plenty of friends-both Greek and non-Greek. She never felt that she had to be greek to fit in at Butler.

illinoismom4 – Out of curiosity, when did your daughter attend?

She graduated in May 2014