Greek Life

I am interested in joining a sorority at Willamette University this fall, but would like more information about what Greek life is like and how well or poorly it integrates with the rest of student life on campus. I have heard that Willamette sororities don’t live up to the stereotypes (such as heavy partying), but are instead very focused on their philanthropies and putting on events for the student body. I really enjoy community service and helping others so I hope this to be true, but could use more input from WU students (whether in a sorority/fraternity or not) and parents. Any information helps!

Greek life at Willamette is not like your average public school’s Greek life where they’re very loud and all over the place. The fraternities and sororities are very public service oriented and don’t throw massive ragers. They do have parties, but they’re very under control and don’t get overly crazy. Both the fraternities and sororities come together each year to have a massive dance competition where the student body votes by cheering after each performance and is the highlight of the year besides Wulapalooza. I’m not in a fraternity or sorority, but everyone I know who is in them is a great person and doesn’t buy into the stereotypical fraternity or sorority life. Both hold small events all throughout the year with fundraisers and barbecues and games.