Greek Life

Hi, I am highly considering attending Richmond this fall. The only thing is, I am a girl with no intention of joining a sorority. Is the greek life as heavy as it is said to be? I am from Long Island and typically enjoy going out every weekend, I would hate to think that I may feel outcasted by not joining a sorority. Thank you.

@somewheresurfing - FWIW, we visited UR in the spring of 2019 and learned from talking with students that Greek life at UR is active but that there is a large percentage of students that don’t participate. My wife is an Ulum of UR and was an active member of a sorority during all four of her years. She commented that Greek life at UR today is nothing like it was when she attended in the late 80’s-early 90’s. Don’t know if less interest in frats and sororities is a sign of the times or just not as popular at UR as it once was.


At UR or pretty much any collegiate institution across America, Greek life is prevalent, but many aren’t apart of it and have a variety of avenues to find things to still be involved in.

I’m going to be completely honest with you, Greek life at Richmond is extremely prevalent (I am a current student) and it can be very isolating if you chose not to participate and or drop out of recruitment. I have listened to tour groups around campus and they do make Greek life seem as if it’s a club that only a portion take part in. The reality is is that Greek life has really segregated campus, and people know if you participate in it or not, and if not you are an outsider. Even the dining hall separates the Greeks from the Athletes from everyone else. Richmond is a very good school academically, and I do not mean to deter you from your decision whether you have made it already or not, but I do want you to know the truth as I did not and have struggled with this. Good luck :slight_smile: